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Packages from #ilypromotions

Promo is $5 for 7 days, $10 for 2 weeks, $20 for a month.

You'll receive...

1) 12-20 promo tweets a day from @ilypromotions @ilypromo @wepromoforyou @YourFavNewsPage and more...

2) Retweets/Likes from the promo pages on tweets containing your content.

3) Front page placement on manstfu.com (available for all packages)

4) Blog post placement on manstfu.com/blog (available for packages $10 and up)

5) Personal promo page for your content similar to this one http://www.manstfu.com/taylor-j/ (available for packages $20 and up)

My followers are from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Africa.

If you refer someone to my company and they purchase a package you'll receive the same package.
Example: If they purchase 5 days for $5 you'll also receive 5 days of promo.

5 Days of Promo

2 Weeks of Promo

Monthly Promo (1,2,3 months)

Monthly Packages